Who We Are

Bakkoo helps backers find great project deals, socialize and share the adventure! We also help project creators find the backers, visibility and support they need for success and to reach their funding goals.

About Bakkoo

Our community

Bakkoo is a social crowdfunding club. We enjoy crowdfunding. We also enjoy helping people. We created a community that has the best of both worlds! We took every great concept we could think of and combined it into one awesome idea - Bakkoo.

Our community is a place where backers find awesome deals on cool Kickstarter projects. Project creators get the boost they need for a successful crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding in perfect harmony.

Join us, and impact the crowdfunding world! Our mission is to help artists be creative, empower inventors to build awesome gadgets and help people realize their dreams.

Our vision & mission

We have worked hard to bring different crowdfunding creators together. We love Kickstarter, and we host a diverse range of Kickstarter projects on our site in every category. We hope to expand to other rewards-based platforms in the future including Indiegogo, Fundable, Patreon, and more.

We work hard every day for backers and project creators. We want to host the best projects in our community and help projects be the best they can be. It's the Bakkoo way.

Our team

The Bakkoo community is made possible by the Bakkoo Team. Our team leads the club and makes everything you see happen. We come from different backgrounds and training and have one purpose - making this place awesome! Check out our awesome team.

We love the projects you share, and we can help your project too. Check out our free project creator resources.

Nice to meet you

It's great to have you here! Thanks for checking out the Bakkoo Community and for letting us introduce ourselves. We'd love to have you in the community and make it even more awesome! Happy crowdfunding!