Our Story

How we got here.

Our Story

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

- Lao Tzu

Bakkoo Kickstarter Club Launch

The Launch

Making Things Happen

We launched Bakkoo after months of hard work and countless cups of coffee. Welcome to Bakkoo - the Social Kickstarter Club!

Strategic Planning

We wanted club access to the biggest crowdfunding project pool and platform. We decided to focus on featuring Kickstarter projects.

Bakkoo Kickstarter Club Foundation on Kickstarter

Our Foundation

Bakkoo Kickstarter Club Team

Team Bakkoo

Teamwork = Important

Our next step was to build a team of awesome individuals to bring Bakkoo to life. We needed to move mountains. Our team made it happen.

Bakkoo Kickstarter Club Logo

Early 2017

The Beginning

Bakkoo began as an idea. An idea to make the crowdfunding world better and more exciting for everyone!